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Nettech Universal Remote Control Compatible Replacement for Vizio E Series TV/M Series TV/HDTV/LCD/LED (with Keyboard)

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Product description
Product description

Compatible Replacement for Vizio Remote Model: 

XRT302 XRT112, XRT100, VR1, VR2, VR10, VR15 and More!

Compatible Remote Replacement for Vizio TV Model:

1. E Series:E3D420VX, E320VL, E400, E55, E422VLE, E552VL, E551VL, E551VA, E550VL, E502AR, E500I-A1, E472VLE, E470VLE, E460ME, E422VLE, E422AR, E421VO, E421VL, E420VT, E420VO, E420VL-MX, E420VL, E3D470VX, E3D420VX, E3D320VX, E390I-A1, E371VL, E370VT, E370VP, E370VL-CA, E322AR, E321VL, E321VA, E320VT, E320VP, E320VL-MX, E320VL, E320VA, E320I-A2, E320I-A0
2.M Series: M420NV, M421NV, M470VT, M550SV, M550SL, M501-A2R, M470SV, M470SL, M420SV, M420SR, M420SL, M420KD, M3D550SR, M3D460SR, M3D421SR, M3D420SR, M370SR, M370SL, M320SR, M320SL
3.Other Model:VW321, VP422, SV370XVT, SV320XVT, XVT 650SV, XVT 554SV, XVT 474SV, XVT 423SV, VXV6721

NettechUniversal Remote Features:

1.Nettech universal remote control compatible replacement for Vizio series TV is very lightweight and ergonomic, and does not require a lot of space and comfortable to hold by your hands. It use for 99% models of Vizio Series TV.
2. Hot-keys: Amazon, Netflix, MGO and Customize your own!
3. The lightweight and ergonomic design make it very comfortable. It is the ideal choice when your original remote control is lost, broken or when you want a new one.
4. This is the dedicated Gvirtue replacement remote control not the original one, but function is 100% same as original and it covers all the functions of original remote.
8. No programming is required -- just insert the batteries in and it works well with your device or receiver.

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